"Germinate" by Nele Fayolle and Juan de las Visuales at Huella botánica

ETHER Arts Project is a nomadic cultural project that links artists, curators and exhibition spaces. The partnership with Huella botánica for the cycle “Vivarium”, proposes an annual programming of visual arts that explores the relationship between human beings and nature, focusing on a schedule of exhibitions and activities that seek to bring us closer to a lifestyle more connected with nature.

Nele Fayolle manufactures flora. And its not a traditional plant shop. It's a creative laboratory where paper species grow from all across the world. Cutting and folding paper, Nele finds in cellulose a malleable, subtle and soft material that allows her to make compositions under the name Selva de Papel, or Paper Jungle. Leaves, branches, flowers, fruits, and also seeds, are combined to cover different walls and shop windows across stores all around Buenos Aires. Aside from exploring this facet, stimulated by the relationship between fashion, design, art, and nature, Nele teaches her technique in workshops and cultural spaces, sharing her know-how in an open and collaborative manner. 

In the repetition of a manual practice with a specific end, there is room for creativity beyond purpose. As a response to the open call held in July at Huella botánica, Nele decided to explore the idea of the seed as potentiality. Making tridimensional hybrids of isolated species embedded in wood and glass boxes, she magnifies their presence out of scale. This intimate and detailed act brings the viewer closer to the intricate forms of these millenary sacred bodies, part of the fruit that would give birth to a new life form. Its foundation is designed to spread in the air, multiplying to the infinite.

The exhibition proposal is completed with a participatory installation ​​done in collaboration with Juan de las Visules, audio-visual producer who uses technology and electronics to investigate the systems produced when joining different elements. His practice incorporates the collision of the dark side towards light. His digital animations give life to a big seed, composed of small compartments designed to plant ideas, thoughts and intentions. The interaction of the audience is essential to complete the work, searching to fuse the individual in the collective. 

This seeds act then as a symbol of resistance. In times of uncertainty, they are a leap of faith, the hope that the viewer will bring new possibilities. In this suppressed nobility, the ability to see that the change of tomorrow begins today, makes us wonder: What are we planting in this world? What are we going to nurture? What will we let germinate?


FRIDAY OCTOBER 18TH - 2019- 6.30 TO 9.30 pm

Huella botánica

Fray Justo S.M. de Oro 1921, Palermo

General Production: ETHER Arts Project

Curator: Agustina Mistretta

Production Assistants: Victoria Acosta and Nadia Avedissian

Sponsor: Winery Finca La Celia