'Vivarium' in Huella botánica

A plant shop, a botanical miscellaneous boutique, a landscaping studio, a temporal gallery… Huella botánica is our generous host, opening the doors of their new space in the heart of Palermo to share the wisdom of plants.


Vivarium (from latin, “place of life”) is the first collective show produced by ETHER Arts Project in Buenos Aires. It’s a space for the contemplation of different artistic expressions of the visual language, that take their inspiration from the shapes of nature. Like in an experiment, the referring and the referred live together within the same ecosystem. The lessons we learn from plants are valuable treasures, hoping to be discovered by the eye of the mindful viewer.


Resiliency, understood as the capacity of not letting oneself be beaten down by adversity and overcoming energetically. .


Versatility to adapt to the surroundings and modify our appearance and habits to live in harmony with our surroundings.


Patience, to respect the processes and times of change, the moments of activity and quietness, the hours of light and darkness.


Trust, to believe that one little sprout could be an enormous tree, even though today is only a promise.


Humility, to remember that tree was once a seed, and as high as it gets, is started from the ground.


These lessons are cristalized in different styles and mediums. Picu Rossi and her “Vagabond Animals” ceramics connect us with the inhabitant fauna of the Patagonian forest. Paula Guagliardi leaves the trace of a present absence with her Cyanotipes in Anna Atkins style, English botanical pioneer of the technique. The patient stitches of Nayla Marciulions over the canvas weave a thread forming cotton microworlds in her series “Connection”.


Mariana Cannizzaro portrays her own outline merging in a dense graphite forest. Maia Chozas overlays imaginary landscapes, creating new habitats and surroundings. Ignacio Rivas appeals to collage as a tool to represent symbiosis. Chacalón submerges us in the depths of the submarine flora and its mutant shapes, as a metaphor for change and transformation. Agus Mistretta abstracts onto wood the vegetable shapes of her “Herbarium”. Angeles Peña and her infinite waterfalls nurture the land with her series “Mountain Waters” to complete a vital cycle that makes everything make sense.

Be welcome to the place that gives life, leaving its green Huella botánica (botanical trace) among the city grey.

Curator: ETHER Arts Project

Photos: UGA Objetos

Download the full exhibition catalogue here