"Perennial" by Paula Guagliardi in Huella botánica

ETHER Arts Project is a nomadic cultural project that links artists, curators and exhibition spaces. The partnership with Huella botánica for the cycle “Vivarium”, proposes an annual programming of visual arts that explores the relationship between human beings and nature, focusing on a schedule of exhibitions and activities that seek to bring us closer to a kind of lifestyle more connected with nature. “Perennial” is the first solo show by Paula Guagliardi with Blau Cyanotype, and it proposes a space to contemplate vegetable shapes at a different rhythm.


During the 21st century, human activity is inevitably related to new technologies that pierce through our way of life, our belief system and the way in which we relate to the world. In this contemporary abyss, a tide of accelerated images floods our daily environment, conditioning our way of seeing and thinking and thus our whole existence.


Moving in opposite direction than the digital current, Paula Guagliardi recovers a primitive form of photography: cyanotype. Through this technique, Prussian-blue images are obtained through iron salt’s sensitivity to light. During the process, no inks are used to obtain images, it is only light that by being in contact with paper sensitized with an emulsion, forms the impression through a chemical reaction.


The method was discovered by the astronomer John Herschel in 1842 and was utilized the next year by pioneer British botanical Anna Atkins, who self-edited and published the first photographic book: “British Algae: Cyanotype Impressions”. Her wish was to translate the details of different scientific species of marine algae, and cyanotype allowed her to create the frames from the same plants, allowing her to illustrate the different species in the most objective way. Her work highly surpassed the possibilities of her times, transferring from the scientific world and being a large contribution to arts and aesthetics. 


The intricate forms of the different species that Paula selects are in homage to this visionary and stubborn woman, considered the first female photographer in history. The white spaces define a pseudo-presence, and are at the same time a symbol of absence. Everything that reaches the sunlight turns blue, reminding us of the fragility of life and the delicate equilibrium of nature, which perishes and renews constantly.


The images in this collection are timeless, their process unpredictable. The patient wait until the final results emerge opposes to the fast immediate in which we live, and the effect is contemplative, inviting us to pause our accelerated rhythm in the face of what remains inalterable: the perennial nature in an arrested instant.

Curator: Agustina Mistretta

Production Manager: Victoria Cobos

Photography: Matías Bognanni

Opening: April 12th - 6.30pm

Closing: June 1st - 6.30pm

Address: Fray Justo S.M. de Oro 1921, Palermo

© 2017 por ETHER Arts Project

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