"Sinapsis" by Ignacio Rivas in Huella botánica

ETHER Arts Project is a nomadic cultural project that links artists, curators and exhibition spaces. The partnership with Huella botánica for the cycle “Vivarium”, proposes an annual programming of visual arts that explores the relationship between human beings and nature, focusing on a schedule of exhibitions and activities that seek to bring us closer to a kind of lifestyle more connected with nature.

“Sinapsis” is the solo show by Ignacio Rivas, pioneer of the new wave of collage in Argentina. Having studied advertising and design, he revisited in 2008 the aesthetics born at the raising of the avant-garde, decomposing and recomposing the pieces of a visual puzzle guided by his intuition and the charm of working with what is already there, the object trouvee.

In a Dadaist gesture, Rivas presents original works based upon old books and magazines he finds in flea markets and second-hand stores. Working with the limitations of materials and existing resources forces him to refine his view to find hidden treasures among oxidized papers. His style trifles with the borders between the explicit and the imaginary. He deliberately chooses not to name his works, preferring to leave the meaning of his compositions open to multiple interpretations.

The connections and communicative processes that occur in our interior are brief and accurate impulses that force us to make decisions non-mediated by consciousness. In this mental synapsis, our deepest interests, preoccupations, and desires emerge. Collage allows the expression of this superimposed unconsciousness in a graphic and tangible way, making art a tool for self-knowledge and personal exploration.

The results of the process are, in this show, visual poems that relate to the flora and fauna and their survival strategies in a present dominated by human beings. There is a nostalgic pulsion for conserving the beauty of the natural and the exotic as it was once studied and portrayed, isolating it from oblivion in this digital disposable era.

As a collage evangelist, Rivas tours around Argentina teaching and preaching his technique in an open generous manner, inviting whoever wants to join his dynamics of rescue. His teaching practice crosses with his artistic production, generating a dynamic hybrid that multiplies the possibilities of his outreach, and strengthens his message: we will only be complete if we do what we love. 

OPENING: Friday June 7th, 6.30pm

Fray Justo S.M. de Oro 1921, Palermo, Buenos Aires

Sponsor: Aperitivo Punt e Mes

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