( permanence ) by Paloma Bakchellian at Huella botánica

Huella botánica and ETHER Arts Project unite to present the first show of the year in the visual arts cycle “Vivarim” – a space where art and botanics live together, the referent and the referred, within the same ecosystem feedback.

Paloma Backchellian paints. She does it from a profound desire to connect with something deeper than the apparent, something that triggers her sensitivity. Brushstrokes, open and persistent, traverse the white space as in a free association exercise. Weight, counterpoint, rhythm, space. The synthesis of her trace is a brief moment, a gesture in time, the suspended imprint of an indelible moment that encloses a search to remain.

Her palette is inspired by the land. The colors of the natural surroundings are her nourishment, her journeys and travels from the sea to the desert taint everything she touches. Field colors are overlaid with mineral patterns and pieces of paper she displays as if they were treasures, resignifying rejected discarded materials. The void and the white spaces are her silence, conscious that sometimes what we conceal speaks louder than what we say.


“All of the transitory is only a metaphor”, said the poet Goethe. His romantic and existentialist vision of the earthly world is just a reflection of which is superior and eternal, a metaphor for the divine. In the contemporaneity, we set our sight on the fleeting, while the alchemy of painting transforms it into the eternal.

Nature and our experience in it bring us closer to an exalted state. Anyone who has been really present in a sunset, whom ever had felt the silence of a snowstorm or had marveled with the shape of a rock or the hypnotic force of the tides, can have the key that connects now with the eternal,  change with permanence. The paintings of this series leave traces of this process of audacious observation of external stimuli, internalized in a brief lapse, a fleeting flight among the random and the spontaneous.

Curator: Agus Mistretta

General Producer: Victoria Cobos

Photographer: Joaquin Carbajales


Download the exhibition catalogue by clicking here

© 2017 por ETHER Arts Project

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