"Cacthumans" by Pablo Martin en Huella botánica


ETHER Arts Project is a nomadic cultural project that links artists, curators and exhibition spaces. The partnership with Huella botánica for the cycle “Vivarium”, proposes an annual programming of visual arts that explores the relationship between human beings and nature, focusing on a schedule of exhibitions and activities that seek to bring us closer to a lifestyle more connected with nature.

“CACTHUMANS” is a project by Pablo Martin based on an imaginary native people settlement, looking to speak about all of the original people.  According to the artist, " Cactihumans have been annihilated by the Conqueror: their spilled blood got to the guts of earth and mixed with lava, reflourishing under the shape of cactuses that inhabit our deserts. Blood, earth, seeds, fight, everything mixes."

In this context of fantasy, of sublimation of realities, we assimilate the world around us through the metaphor. Departing from the theories of Eduardo Viveiros de Castro, Brazilian anthropologist and academic, we understand that "savage thought has been confined to the luxury prison that is the art world". Painting reappears then as that primitive visual language that, since the cavern's graphisms until the present day, compresses our society's imaginary."


Martin's work invites us to remember our primeval origins, connecting with the internal fiber of what we are made of. In words of the artist: "We carry the tribal painting in the internal face of our skull. Since we don't see it, we forget it. A wrenching scream arrives from time immemorial to warn us: if we don't seek the origin, what comes closer is the end."


Escaping from every reductionist indigenist interpretation, the works that comprise this series are a dance between antropomorphic figures and monochromatic faces, free from all regionalisms sustained by antique imaginary visions. The rounded off features and the surprised expressions are portraits of those who have not been, of those who couldn't make it. The creative fiction allows speaking about that which isn't present, bringing it from paper to clay, giving body and surface. 

An invitation to ritual, where images, sounds and words reveal what has been hidden under the layers of the earth, the first truth: What is it that makes us human?


Huella botánica

Fray Justo S.M. de Oro 1921, Palermo

General Production: ETHER Arts Project

Curator: Nadia Avedissian

Text: Agustina Mistretta

Production Assistant: Victoria Acosta

Install: Periódica - Grupo de Gestión

Cactumanos Flyer 2.jpg