"Ether" at The Bird's Nest Gallery

The Bird’s Nest Gallery and ETHER Arts Project united forces for the first project in collaboration of the 2018 season. The exhibition “Ether” reunites twelve artists in a show that focuses on photography as a medium to portray the elevated nature of the mountains and the open air spaces, the clouds and the sea. Expansive spaces provide endless imagination and a particular beauty.


The ethereal exposes itself among the selected works as a synonym for lightweight and vague, undefined. Aspen- based Argentinian Guadalupe Laiz’s photographs impact at first glance, alluding the magnificence of Iceland as coming out of a tale, in resonance with the snowy mountains of the northern and southern hemisphere by Devin Pool and Jesse Hoffmann.


Brian Colley’s creations about outer space refer immediately to zero-gravity. The collaborative piece between Chris Erickson and Amanda Ramsay unfolds geometrical volumes of another dimension, among the clouds and dreamscapes of Agustina Mistretta’s photographs. The skies and mountains engraved by Skye Weinglass live harmoniously with Maia Chozas’ magical universes. In Spencer Hansen’s images the feminine figures floating immersed in profound waters echo once again the idea of weightlessness. Lizzy Taber’s photogravures portray from coral reefs to receding glaciers, at the same time that tides seem to move in the long analog sea exposures of Trevor Triano. Kelly Peters dares with almost the only painting that integrates the show. Her light brushstroke leaves white spaces, without any need to fill the void in vain. The show breathes air.


The opening, held the past February 3rd, was a meeting point for the local crowd, who danced at the courtyard fire pit to the rhythm of an exclusive live set by Bonjour Berlin. Drinks were provided by Suerte Tequila and Aspen Brewing Company. The show can be seen until March 14th every day from 10am to 7pm. Surely not one to be missed.