"Mots" by Gemma Peramiquel in MUTUO Studio, Barcelona

ETHER Arts Project presents “Mots”,  a participative contemporary dance show that matches words with music and movement. Each person in the audience will write a word on a piece of paper, which will be interpreted by Gemma Peramiquel, dancer and choreographer, along with Josep Manresa at the bass.


The communion between the artists and the audience will give as a result a unique collaborative work. Besides, the artists will prentent an extract of the videodance piece "Lumox", selected for the REMOU-TE 2016 prize, organized by the Professional Dance Association of Catalunya and SGAE.

June 21st | 8.30pm | Tickets: 7€ in advanced 8€ at doot | MUTUO | C/ Méndez Nuñez 7 | 08003 | Barcelona


More info: etherartsproject.com | peramiquel.cat/gemma