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Currently receiving portfolios from artists and curators to exhibit in Huella botánica space during the annual programming of "Vivarium" Visual Arts cycle in 2019

DEADLINE: July 15th, 2019

"Germinate" by Nele Fayolle and Juan de las Visuales in Huella botánica
Huella botánica, Fray J.S. de Oro 1921, Palermo - October 18th to November 8th
"Unruled" VIVARIUM Arts Cycle in Huella botánica
Huella botánica, Fray J.S. de Oro 1921, Palermo - August 30th to October 12th
Ignacio Rivas in Huella botánica: World of Collage
Huella botánica, Fray J.S. de Oro 1921, Palermo - June 7th - 6.30pm
"Perennial" by Paula Guagliardi in Huella botánica
Huella botánica, Fray J.S. de Oro 1921, Palermo - April 12th - 6.30pm
Pablo Martin presents the series "Cacthumans" at Vivarium Visual Arts Cycle
ETHER Arts Project and Huella botánica launch an Open Call to exhibit at "Vivarium" Visual Arts Cycle
"From micro to macrocosmos, Marta Pinilla and the Intersection between Art and Science"
"ETHER Arts project in the 5th edition of the Young Gallery Weekend Barcelona: a place granted to restless minds"
"The Multiple Shapes of #HumanNature" ETHER + FIUHouse Barcelona
“Falling Into Place: A Journey Through Lizzy Taber’s Work”
The Art of ‘Joining Worlds’: Sol Del Rio From Inside the Matrix
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