"The Earth's Skin" by Maia Chozas in Roy Gallery

Maia Chozas uses painting, digital art, photography and collage as a means to compose a mystical nature that borders the limits of what is real to enter the realm of the imaginary.

The visual landscape that surrounds her in countless journeys and travels dictate the photographic parameters with which most of her works begin. There is something restless about the organic forms that incite her to portray them through photographs and pencil sketches, to re-work and intervene later through her digital footprint.


Mountain contours appear among color fields that, added through translucent layers, allow a glimpse to a work process in which time and distance operate, distorted by glitch and pastiche. In a search to apprehend the sublime forms, Maia seeks to generate a dialogue between the natural origin of the image and the projection of her imaginary on it.


The almost complete absence of the human figure in the compositions that integrate this series make insistent hybrid surroundings predominate, circulating among the magical and the esoteric. Juxtapositions of images provide new meaning to what seems visible and perceptible, making apparent the skin of the Earth, finding the intimate texture of minerals, trees, leaves and mountains. Color circles break the horizon like planets of distant galaxies. Profound canyons project their shadows among winding rivers, revealing the morphology of the landscape that inhabits in the mind of the artist.

The movement of her brushstroke invites to find clues, human details that recover the sense facing the possibility more or less remote of deciphering an occult message. The contemplation of this series returns us to our little place in the universe amid the surrounding chaos, reconciling with the doubt, questioning the apparent and defending the uncertain under the only available certainty: the present moment.


The show can be seen from October 12th to 22nd in Roy Galeria, Cabrera 5600, Palermo, Ciudad de Buenos Aires.


Curatorship and text: Agustina Mistretta / Creative Director ETHER Arts Project