Meeting Place: Sol del Rio in DooplerStudio

DooplerStudio and ETHER Arts Project unite to present the artist Sol del Rio in a new edition of the Meeting Place cycle, curated by Ro Villani.


The artist investigates the interface as a visual landscape, the temporo-spatial simultaneity and the intersection between nature and technology. She uses different means and softwares working with sound, animation, painting and performance. She mixes and sings her own music with videos of her production (Live A/V). Her plastic work, inspired in the digital universe, generates new circuits and geographies. She works on the linkage, the transformation and feedback of organic as well as geometrical materials.


The exhibition, which opened in November 16th, combines four acrylic on canvas works.  Their production involves the translation of digital languages into plastic forms, and an audiovisual work. The show can be seen until January 16th, from Monday to Friday 10am to 6pm through previous appointment via email to