About us

ETHER is a nomadic cultural organization that links artists, curators and exhibition spaces to manage and produce art shows and independent cultural initiatives. 


Connected through an invisible sphere that joins us energetically to the creative force, we seek to engage in an open dialogue between different geographies and artistic disciplines, in order to manifest and expand contemporary cultural practices.


We use an organic production scheme, adaptable to the needs and interests of each artist in relation to the available spaces and the communication routes chosen, with special interest in trans-territorial approaches.

The curatorial concept behind ETHER spins around men and women in their human condition and the relationship established with nature. The selected artists reflect and work upon these notions in diverse ways, while dissolving, reformulating and un-defining concepts under their own perspective, manifesting this through different formats and exhibition devices.

We function as a non-profit initiative based on a symbiotic relationship between its members and collaborators. Mobility and dynamism characterize the creation of strategic alliances between people and projects with common interests and a vision for cooperative exchange.

ETHER is a nomadic organization that links artists, curators and exhibition spaces.