Agustina Mistretta (Buenos Aires, 1988) is a Visual Artist, Cultural Manager and Independent Curator who graduated from Centro de Investigación Cinematográfica. Driven by the desire to connect people and places in 2017 she founded ETHER Arts Project, where she serves as Creative Director and Art Consultant. She lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina. / IG @agusmistretta

Skye Weinglass (Aspen, Colorado, 1991) is a visual artist and director of Skye Gallery in Aspen, Colorado. As a BFA from San Diego University, her work is centered on giving exhibition opportunities both for local and foreign artists in a unique engaged cultural community. She lives and works in Aspen, Colorado. / IG @skyegallery 

Anna García (Alicante, 1988) is a Photographer, Cultural Manager and Independent Curator. In 2012 she founded Escalera de Incendios, a cultural lab for the develpment of creative projects. In 2016 she developed Young Gallery Weekend, a contemporary art festival that establishes the independent art circuit in Barcelona, city where she lives and works. / IG @younggalleryweekend

Humbert Clotet (Vic, Catalunya, 1992) is a Cultural Manager and Creative specialized in Project Management and Public Relations. In 2014 he co-founded FIU Barcelona, a collaborative work platform destined to boost and propell emerging talents. He currently lives and works between Barcelona and New York. / IG @humbertclotet

Victoria Cobos (Buenos Aires, 1987) is BA in Art History (UMSA). She developed and managed Zafarrancho Studio project and was Artistic Director for Gallery Project for the magazine Arte Al Día International. She specializes in the production of exhibitions for emerging artists, with a critical perspective and a strong commitment towards contemporary art. She lives and works in Buenos Aires.

IG @vickycobos_curatorontherun

Rosario Villani (Buenos Aires, 1987) has a BA in Art History at Universidad del Salvador. She is the Assistant Producer for URRA Art Residency and the lead curator for Doppler Studio Gallery, an audiovisual content producer. She gives workshops and art courses for artists and art lovers. Her specialization is in private collection database and cataloguing. She lives and works in Buenos Aires.

IG @soyrovi

Macarena Cacciuttolo Aragón (Santiago de Chile, 1989) is a visual communicator (UNIACC - Chile) and Independent Curator and Cultural Manager (CIC - Argentina). In 2016 she founded Origen, an editorial project that creates artistic content for artisan and craft rescue combines international cultural entities. She currently lives and works cross-borders between Santiago de Chile and Buenos Aires. IG @makabra

Nadia Avedissian (Buenos Aires, 1997) is a student of Curatorial Practise and Cultural Management at Centro de Investigación Cinematográfica. She works as a freelance photographer for cultural events. She is a  producer for emerging artists shows in Buenos Aires. She lives and works in Buenos Aires.

IG @nadeenka

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