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Nadia Avedissian

 Curatorial Assistant 

Buenos Aires, 1997 - Curator and Cultural Manager graduate from Centro de Investigación Cinematográfica in Buenos Aires, she produces curatorial projects and is in charge of managing exhibitions and developing liaisons between artists and spaces part of our organization. She regularly collaborates as a freelance photographer for cultural events. She lives and works in Buenos Aires.


Martina Trebino

 Content Creator 

Bariloche, 1996 - Photographer and visual artist graduated from ARGRA (Asociación de Reporteros Gráficos de la República Argentina) Currently enrolled in Bachelor’s Degree in Photography at UNSAM (Universidad Nacional de San Martin). She puts her creativity towards producing digital content for different cultural projects and artists from Argentina, Spain and United States. She lives and works in Buenos Aires. 


Dahlia Arado Lilleslåtten

 Diseñadora Gráfica 

Bergen, 1998 - Graduated from Rollings College Honors Degree Program, Dahlia is a Graphic Designer and Visual Artist. With a wide range of disciplines and interests, she applies her skills towards strengthening ETHER’s visual identity combining illustration and motion graphics. She lives and works in Sanibel Island, Florida.  

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Gabriela Insignares Kuiman

 Comunicación y Prensa 

Caracas,1989 - Social communicator graduated from Universidad Católica Andrés Bello in Venezuela. In 2012 she moves to Argentina to continue her studies in Curatorship and Arts Management (ESEADE) and Art Critic (Universidad Nacional de las Artes). She believes in culture as a motor of society for its development, and is interested in migratory phenomena as a research subject, mostly in connection to the world of artistic creation. She lives and works in Buenos Aires.


Anna García

Alicante, 1988 - Anna is a Photographer, Cultural Manager and Independent Curator graduated from Universidad de Barcelona. Since 2016 she develops . In 2016 she developed Young Gallery Weekend, a contemporary art festival that establishes the independent art circuit in Barcelona. She lives and works in Melbourne, Australia.


Humbert Clotet

Vic, Catalunya, 1992- Humbert is a Cultural Manager and Creative specialized in Project Management and Public Relations. In 2014 he co-founded FIU Barcelona, a collaborative work platform destined to boost and propel emerging talents. He currently lives and works between Barcelona and New York.


Victoria Cobos

Buenos Aires, 1987)  Victoria holds a BA in Art History (Universidad del Museo Social Argentino). She was the Artistic Director for Gallery  from the magazine Arte Al Día International. She is the co-founder of The Art Break, a cultural experience that tours virtually museums and international collections. She lives and works in Buenos Aires.

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Rosario Villani

Buenos Aires, 1987 - Rosario has a BA in Art History from Universidad del Salvador. Since 2015 she has been Chief Curator for Doppler Studio Gallery, an audiovisual content producer. Co-founder of Proyecto Nohi, she gives workshops and art courses focusing on reinterpreting narratives from a contemporary viewpoint. She lives and works in Buenos Aires. 

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Macarena Cacciutolo Aragón

Santiago de Chile, 1989 -  Macarena is a visual communicator (UNIACC - Chile) and Independent Curator and Cultural Manager (CIC - Argentina). In 2016 she founded Origen, an editorial project that creates artistic content for artisan and craft rescue combining international cultural entities. She currently lives and works in Santiago de Chile.

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Victoria Acosta

Buenos Aires, 1995 - She studied Image and Sound Design at FADU UBA and is currently finishing her studies to become a Curator and Cultural Manager at Centro de Investigación Cinematográfica. She is a producer, communicator and artistic director for independent curatorial projects. She develops digital content por media and art broadcasting. She lives and works in Buenos Aires.

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Valentino Caruso

Amsterdam, 1992 - Valentino is an independent writer, gallerist and curator. In 2019 he founded Amuleto, an emerging art gallery that uses technology as a tool to bring art all over the world, working with the conceptual development of artists. He also co-founded an Art & Literature Club that is currently a podcast, "Blue Literature". He specializes in studying the relationship between humans and poetry, painting, and love. He lives and works in Barcelona. 

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