"The Bird's Nest": A New Pop-Up Gallery nested in Colorado Mountains

This past january 13th a new pop-up space opened in Aspen, Colorado, USA. The Bird's Nest,

an emerging gallery with local tradition, joined forces with BLK MKT,a distinguished concept store originary from Denver, Colorado, whose ROAM designs are produced under a fair-trade scheme in Bali, Indonesia.

The gallery, located in the first flor of what used to be the mythical local restaurant Boogie's Diner, calls upon national and international artists to produce two big collective shows for the winter season. The first of them is conformed by Brian Colley, Clarity Elyse Fornell, Gemma Danielle, Hans Walor, Jaime Molina, Javiera Estrada, Jody Guralnik, Johanna Muller, John Fellows, Lauren Napolitano, Max Kauffman, Miles Toland, Nancy Lovendahl, Peter Halasz, Shawn Benton, Skye Weinglass, Spencer Hansen, Stella Maria Baer and Takeo Hiromitsu.

Skye Weinglass, participating artist of the exhibition and gallery director, points out that: "The Bird’s Nest Gallery is a diverse collective of emerging and established artists, local and global. The artists will showcase the creations and inspirations that they have collected during flight. The gallery will be a platform to encourage self-expression, expand perception, spark inspiration, and provide wisdom and beauty. It will be an avenue for the community to gather to honor and grow creativity. I’ve always wanted my own art gallery in order to provide a platform to share inspiring artists with the world, especially in our small town of Aspen".

The opening, produced in conjunction with Gravity Productions team, summoned more than 300 people who navigated through the group exhibition and enjoyed the exclusive designs at the store, to end up dancing to the influence of local DJ Goldrush. The show can be seen until february 2nd from Monday to Sunday from 11.00am to 9.00pm in 534 E. Cooper Ave., Aspen, Colorado.

You can watch the opening video here.

Source: http://www.messengeraspen.com/aspens-cultural-revival-blk-mrkt-x-birds-nest-gallery/


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