The Bird's Nest: Retun To The Natural Origins

On March 2nd the second collective show of the winter season had its opening at The Bird's Nest Gallery in Aspen, Colorado.

The proposal was developed in conjunction with ETHER Arts Project abd the local Yoga studio Shakti Shala,who developed a month-long programme at the ground floor of the former local restaurant Boogie's diner. They will offer a special pop-up store, including a selection of esoterically designed jewels and signature sports clothes. Moreover, the store has been intervened with a mural by the local artist Nicole Gogolak. The programme includes Yoga classes, meditation sessions, singing bowls and harmonizations, among other activities.

The collective show on the top floor, belonging to the gallery The Bird's Nest, is conformed by 22 artists originary from the americas, among them: Miles Toland, Peter Halasz, Nathan Segovia, Nick Brown, Ryan B. Curtis, Spencer Hansen, Stella Maria Baer, Tony Prikryl, Yez Tutic, Agus Mistretta, Brian Colley, Devin Pool, Gemma Danielle, Heather Hansen, Jaime Molina, Javiera Estrada, John Fellows, Lauren Napolitano, Lucas Bononi and Max Kauffman.

The selected works are centered upon the relationship between human beings and the return to their natural origins. According to Skye Weinglass, exhibition curator and gallery director, "the show calls upon the savage and rebellious origins of human kind, from its less civilized side. The works presented have an intrinsecal strenght and vitality, connecting with an internal fiber we all possess."

The show can be visited until March 23rd from Monday to Sunday from 11.00am to 9.00pm in 534 E. Cooper Ave., Aspen, Colorado.


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