New Alliance: The Collective Europe + ETHER Arts Project

The past July 18th the first collaborative alliance between ETHER Arts Project and The Collective Europe was carried out.

The Collective Europe is a four day, retreat-style tech-free conference to be held between October 5th to 8th, 2017 in Barcelona, Spain. Creatives, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and innovative professionals of all kinds will come to learn how to take their brand or company to the next level. The Collective is the first of it’s kind in Europe. They aim at engaging and empowering professionals from different areas in the contemporary work force through practical sessions and collaborative workshops.

The alliance with ETHER Arts Project consists in the production of an on-site mural located at the conference venue. For this purpose, an open call for artists interested in participating has been opened. The terms and conditions can be downloaded here. The jury is composed by specialized members of The Collective production team as well as Visions Realized consulting team, in conjunction with ETHER Arts Project.

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