All about °Radar°: ETHER Arts Project First Prints and Publications Fair

“A radar is an electronic system capable of capturing the presence of objects that are out of the reach of sight”. °Radar°, the first edition of ETHER Arts Project’s Prints and Publications Fair, brings to view the presence of objects- books, fanzines, silkscreen prints and photographs- to be perceived by means of the senses of touch and eyesight. Curated by Fiorella Di Biase, member of RIO collective, the fair explores the relationship between man and nature, presented within Maia Choza's first solo show, "The Earth's Skin".

The first edition of °Radar° reunites a selection of 19 artists: Andrea Alkalay, Cecilia Vidal, Iara Kremer, Agustina Triquell, Estrella Herrera, Fuego es inicio, Manuel A. Fernández, Delfina Carlota, Laura Layana, La gravedad del asunto, Anita Brown, Ramiro Laprida, Chacalón, Angeles Peña, Maia Chozas, Rö Heine Galli, Belén Datwiler, Denise Carner Lorenzo and RIO.

The summoned artists work in different languages, formats and techniques. There is a common dialogue linking them. In some cases, it is immediately apprehensible, while on certain occasions it’s more imperceptible.

The pairing man-nature is configured in these works as a communion which sways between tension and harmony. As if it were a battle among gladiators, man steals and nature rebels against its presence. But they also cradle together in an inseparable navigation.

The natural landscape, great protagonist of many of these works, registers silently the conflicts of ´being´ and ´being alive´, the relentless of time. However, on certain occasions it threats virulently and takes the shape of a disturbing and hostile scenery.

Man abandons cities in search for ´the natural domesticated´, that setting which he will portray over and over in its family album, in that holidaying that witnesses family life, romance, solitude. Nature filters through urban passageways, and men looks for inhabiting these wild spaces. We confront visual narratives but also situations where sensations are fulfilled.

Archive images conform a winding ride from the past to the present, and resignify in some of the works hereby presented. Historical, political and social registers of past times become tiny borrowed fictions.

The bond between man and nature is first and foremost inextricable. Sometimes men prevails, some others nature does, but they are both latent in each other. Like a mirror that reflects the top and the reverse side at the same time, man looks at nature and what’s natural persists in man.


The fair can be visited during October 20th and 21st from 4pm to 9pm in Cabrera 5600, 1st floor.

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We appreciate Fiorella Di Biase's collaboration for this text


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