Open Call: ETHER in Huella botánica

ETHER is a nomadic cultural project that links artists, curators and exhibition spaces in different countries and cities, to manage and produce art shows, editorial projects, limited editions and live presentations. Departing from the belief that we are all connected through an invisible sphere that joins us to the creative force, we seek to open the dialogue between geographic and artistic disciplines to expand and manifest contemporary cultural practices. Huella botánica is a boutique plant shop, a landscape studio and a botanical miscellaneous shop in the heart of Palermo, in Buenos Aires. It is a space that aims to bring a greener lifestyle to the city, with active landscape projects, workshops, and participatory activities.

For 2019, ETHER has created an alliance to join this space, looking for alternative exhibition places outside of the traditional art circuit, providing opportunities for artists to reach new audiences in a new context. The curatorial concept behind ETHER spins around men and women in their humanness, and the relationship they establish with nature. The visual arts cycle “Vivarium” proposes to utilize the plant shop space in Huella botánica as an art gallery, exhibiting proposals that work with nature and this relationship dichotomy as their main production axis and source of inspiration.

In this context, from the Direction of ETHER under the coordination of Huella botanica, an Open Call is created to receive exhibition proposals to complete the yearly programming for the cycle. Selected artists and curators will be the ones to work over these notions in diverse ways, and at the same time blur, reformulate, and re-define the pairing human being/nature presenting it under their own vision, manifested in different formats and exhibition displays. We are interested in all references, both direct and indirect, to nature and their processes in the Anthropocene era. This geological Era is marked by the effects of humans in the envirnonment. The major interest in this open call is to support projects that collaborate to an active reflection from the spectators about the effects of humans in their natural habitat, as well as those productions that are homage to natural shapes through alternative and avant-garde techniques and processes.

The open call is available for national and international artists, living in any part of the world and country, working in any discipline among the visual arts: drawing, painting, illustration, etching, printmaking, photography, collage, digital art, textile art, installation, sculpture, video art, sound art and performance. The programming of “Vivarium” is complemented with activities, workshops, talks and proposals generated by the same artists and curators, looking to bring the participants closer to a more natural lifestyle. Projects including complementary activities that involve new audiences and take into account the relationship with the neighborhood, the city and the community will be regarded with special interest.

Our main objective is to bring audiences closer to the works of new artists and democratize the access to this exhibition space with new quality projects that are outside of our normal outreach, whatever might be their format and provenance. The projects presented can be individual or collective, and they must take into account the organic and mutable factor of their surrounding: the plants will co-live with the works of art for the whole of the exhibition, ranging from four to six weeks. This means that all the works must have an adequate support to be isolated from the humidity of the environment.

Estimated exhibition dates are from July to December 2019. ETHER and Huella botánica will provide the scheme and the production mediums for the completion of the presented projects, being: pre-production, curatorship, communication, press and promotion, install, opening, sales management, de-install, and wrapping. The selection jury will be composed by Agustina Mistretta, Creative Director of ETHER Arts Project, and Victoria Cobos, General Producer of the Vivarium Cycle, as well as Sofia Mason and Fernando Form, General Directors of Huella botánica. Pre-selected projects will be notified via email before July 30th.

Full terms and conditions can be found following this link:


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