Aspen Artist presents a Solo Project Exhibition at Art Palm Springs Contemporary Art Fair - Feb. 13-17

Art Palms Springs returns to the Palm Springs Convention Center for its 9th edition on Thursday, February 13th until Monday, February 17th. As the Southwest’s premiere fair, which attracts 15,000 guests yearly, Art Palm Springs is a staple in the art calendar because of its burgeoning international community of art galleries and dealers showing Post-War and Contemporary Art.

ETHER Arts Project, an international nomadic cultural organization that links artists, curators and exhibition spaces, has invited Tania Dibbs to participate with a solo project booth at this premier art fair. With a strong focus on environmental art, which responds to ETHER’s mission, the display includes works from Tania's Arctic series and her most recent endeavor, The Ripple Effect series, which emphasizes the dynamic between personal choices and collective impact. “It is important to understand that every action that we take and every decision that we make has a consequence. The only way to look into the future is by thinking in the present, even if only by raising the level of consciousness and discourse which is valuable in itself.” the artist commented.

Tania Dibbs is an accomplished mid-career artist originally from Washington D.C., who has been living in Aspen, Colorado, since the 1980’s. With a degree in Biology and Fine Arts, her work explores the jagged intersection between the natural world, humanity and culture through painting and sculpture. She was a pioneer artist in exploring the Anthropocene Era, focusing on the effects of man on the environment with her successful Anthropocene series which she released in 2015. The screens and overlays that she painted over her scenes both highlighted and obscured the masterfully created landscapes beneath, speaking to the beauty of nature as well as to the conflicting yet fantastic constructs of man.

Her work is present in several international collections and she has been recognized with numerous awards, amongst which stand out a residency she did in 2016 in the Arctic Circle. This solitary experience, paired with an economy of resources due to the lack of proper studio space aboard a small vessel, led her to produce a series of works on paper which reconnected her with her love for graphite. Upon return she developed part of the Arctic series presented at this show as a visual representation of the journey of water, time and change in the current climate crisis.

Tania’s oeuvre is diverse in style yet unified by its intent, passion, and devotion to exploration. Her sculptural pieces combine symbols of wealth and culture with their opposites, highlighting a bigger discussion about our fast changing relationship with the planet. Combining popular cultural debris with handmade resin forms and beads, her three-dimensional compositions convey a sense of otherworldliness, and highlight a bigger discussion about our fast changing relationship with the planet and with nature in general.

ETHER is proud to be the only project from South America present at the fair, with a home base in Buenos Aires, Argentina. “It is an honor to be representing Tania Dibbs at Art Palm Springs. The consistency of her work, along with an impactful visual statement make  her solo booth a vision realized,” commented Agustina Mistretta, creative director of ETHER Arts Project. “As a nomadic organization, finding new opportunities  in unexplored territories for committed environmentally conscious artists is what makes us thrive”.

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