Sandy Sudar

Sandy Sudar (Buenos Aires, 1960)

As a self-taught artist, has been working in close contact with nature as a friend, since the 1980s. Her landart works have had the support of the Argentinian National Parks Organization. 


Transiting in this planetary era she finds landart an artistic expression that accompanies the process of metamorphosis that we are living in.


The dialogue between the industrial fabrics versus the natural environment, the inert and the movement, non-invasive and ephemeral interventions generate a unique and powerful message.


Pollination, metamorphoses, and outbreaks of treasures from Mother Earth are metaphors and messages for the dissemination of art in intimate relationships with nature, from within.


Physically merging into forests, rivers, lakes, seas, mountains, and grasslands,

these ephemeral actions are formed communally.


Sandy lives and works in Aspen, Colorado.

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