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Artists' Management Toolkit Workshop

We invite the artistic community in all of the disciplines of the arts to participate in the Artists´ Management Toolkit Workshop, created by ETHER Arts Project.


The workshop is composed in a first instance by four meetings, covering both theoretical and practical aspects that will function as a space for reflection and debate about the current artists' role, with the objective of understanding the different ways of encompassing the presentation to public and private international funds, residences, awards and contests both national and international.

We will efficiently cover the necessary tools to create an enclosed artistic identity, and the different ways of communicating it (making a BIO, Statement, Artists' Curriculum, Portfolio and Work Catalogue, Website, Exhibition Folder, and more).

We will give specific tools for individual management to create a "SURVIVAL KIT" in a globalized artworld. We will propose specific ways in which we can professionalize the artistic practise in all of its forms (visual arts, photography, film, drama, dance, performance and music) mapping out its reach according to the needs and objectives of each participant.


Wanna know more? Drop us a line at info@etherartsproject.com

September 2018: San Carlos de Bariloche, Estudio Bamba - View Link

October 2018: Buenos Aires, Atelier Arenales, Recoleta - View Link