Yez Tutic at The Bird's Nest Gallery in Aspen, Colorado.

The Serbo-Argentinian artist Yez Tutic presents an interesting series of works belonging to her most recent production at the second collective show of The Bird's Nest Gallery in Aspen, Colorado.

Tutic Graduated in 2012 from the National University of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires, Argentina, obtaining her MA in Painting, Scenery and Costume Design. She's been living the New York life for five years, tirelessly working from her Bushwick headquarters, located in a industrial warehouse recycled into artists studios by a group of local entrepreneurs.


Concerning the works she presetns in the collective show at The Bird´s Nest Gallery, produced in conjunction with ETHER Arts Project, she points out: "My most recent series is centered in an ongoing investigation about color theory, and how it behaves in painting in relation to the human eye and its perception. The perceptice vibration produced is what pushes me to continue researching."

Tutic worked through different formats of the visual language, with productions in video, collage, painting and mixed media. She approaches contemporary topics in relation to women and empowerment, based on personal experiences and autobiographical memories.

The exhibition, with over 22 artists from all the americas, is centered in the relationship between human beings and the return to their original nature. The works selected to be featured in the show are three pieces made in acrylic on canvas, measuring 1,35mts x 85cm. According to Skye Weinglass, exhibition curator and gallery director, "the show calls upon the savage and rebellious origins of human kind, from its less civilized side. The works presented have an intrinsecal strenght and vitality, connecting with an internal fiber we all possess."

The show will be on display until march 23rd from monday to sunday from 11.00am to 9.00pm in 534 E.Cooper Ave., Aspen, Colorado.